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    H2H Solutions presents H2H Digital Rx™

    An easy to use, ASP model e-prescribing platform

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    H2H Digital Rx™

    Designed to provide Physicians and their office staff members with a safe, secure, and comprehensive method for generating prescriptions within the Physician office, and delivering the completed prescriptions to the pharmacy of choice for their patients via Surescript network.

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    Some of the salient features

    Cloud Based Solution

    Real-time drug-drug, drug-food, drug-allergy, drug-dose, and duplicate therapy information

    Electronic messaging directly from/to pharmacies

    Improved patient Safety

    Helps prevent fraud

H2H Digital Rx™

H2H Digital Rx™ is an e-Prescribing platform, which provides Physicians and their staff members with a safe, secure, and comprehensive method for generating prescriptions within the Physician office, and routes the completed prescriptions to the pharmacy of Patient’s choice via the Surescripts network

Stand-Alone Solution

H2H Digital Rx can be used as a completely stand-alone application, and does not have to be integrated with existing system Management or EMR system that may already be in place within a Physician’s office. Stand alone clients who choose to keep their existing office systems separate from H2H Digital Rx can be up and running within a matter of days.
H2H also offers the ability to upload existing patient demographics via a batch upload tool. Please refer to the H2H integration models for more details.


  • Inexpensive
  • Up and running in days.
  • Register patients directly into H2H Digital Rx
  • Drug search - using Medispan' drug database
  • Drug interactions - drug-drug, drug-food, drug-allergy
  • Eligibility verifications (270/271 transactions with Surescripts)
  • Access Formulary data with Sure scripts
  • Obtain medication history from Surescripts , as well as the medication history in DRx DB
  • New Rx (sent as NCPDP transaction through Surescripts, or faxed to pharmacies, or printed at Physician office)
  • Refill requests (sent as NCPDP transaction through Surescripts, or faxed to pharmacies, or printed at Physician office)
  • Mail Order Rx (through Surescripts)
  • National pharmacy lookup using data provided by Sure scripts

H2H Digital Rx™ Features

H2H Digital Rx is a "Qualified System" for the CMS Incentive Program!

  • State-of-the-art JAVA / J2EE platform available to any authorized Physician over the Internet, with no special software or hardware required within the physician's office
  • Integration with Surescript™, the nation's e-prescription network for real-time determination of patient eligibility, up to date formulary listings, as well as a complete listing of ALL medications written for their patients, regardless of who the originating Physician was or where in the country the prescription may have been filled
  • Real-time drug-drug, drug-food, drug-allergy, drug-dose, and duplicate therapy information provided to Physicians, along with mechanisms that take into account those medications that were prescribed by other Physicians and that were perhaps filled somewhere else in the United States, paying particular attention to those interactions that may pose a risk to the patient.
  • Electronic messaging directly from pharmacies for refill requests made by patients, affording the Physician the opportunity to immediately authorize, deny, or defer until the patient has scheduled a follow-up appointment, etc., as well as notifications pertaining to new data regarding side-effects and medication precautionary information
  • Once completed, the prescriber has the ability to electronically route new prescription to community pharmacies, to electronically route prescription renewal requests and responses to community pharmacies ,to route new prescription to mail-order pharmacies and to electronically route the prescription renewal requests and responses to mail-order pharmacies.

Integration Models

H2H Digital Rx has been successfully integrated with numerous EMR and Practice Management applications using one of three available technical models. The most popular model maintains the EMR and H2H Digital Rx applications as stand-alone tools that electronically exchange data pertaining to the Physician, patient demographics, and the patient’s medication history data. H2H Digital Rx integration partners have the option to “Private-Label” H2H Digital Rx, whereby H2H will customize the application in order to present Physicians with a similar look and feel to their existing PM/EMR system. The ONLY requirement for utilizing H2H Digital Rx in the integrated models is having access to the Internet with an appropriate web browser (IE-7, Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari).
The three integration options include:

One-time Demographic Upload

  • Inexpensive
  • Loads all existing patients and Physician’s data into H2H Digital Rx
  • Utilizes published web-based system services to perform the upload

One-Way Interface

  • Patient data and Physician data managed within the EMR are automatically updated in H2H Digital Rx as being “View-Only”, eliminating synchronizing between the two systems

Two-Way Interface

  • Data pertaining to medication history, allergies, eligibility, formularies, recent prescriptions, etc., can all be exchanged seamlessly between H2H Digital Rx and the EMR or Practice Management System, insuring that patient records are up to date and comprehensive
  • The Two-Way Interface can be preformed in a real-time mode, or via regularly sequenced batch transactions that can be scheduled to take place during off-peak office hours

Whichever method of integration our Physician or Vendor Partners prefer to utilize, H2H has crafted dozens of existing implementations that are all working successfully. Integrations vary with different vendor products, and H2H would be pleased to schedule a discussion with its Technical Team in order to review the specifics pertaining to your office or company.


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